Counter-collecting (2010)


Downtown Winnipeg, Treaty 1

In the winter of 2010, artist Leah Decter and I had several conversations about the ways art can address various ongoing social structures of settler colonialism. At the same time, artist and curator Jaimie Isaac and Decter decided that Isaac would curate Decter's project, entitled (official denial) trade value in progress. I offered the work of “counter-collecting” spoken and written words as performance: in relation to the winnipeg free museum project that I organized, Decter envisioned and installed the work at Plug In ICA, where I was attending the ICA's summer institute; with artists KC Adams and Jordan Bennett, I gathered the first responses to the blanket's statement in the sketchbook that became the source for the counter-statements sewn onto the dialogic artwork.

More information about Leah Decter and Jaimie Isaac's project can be found at the project's website and as published with The Land We Are: Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation (Winnipeg: ARP BOOKS, 2015).