Free Associates (2010-2011)

Art and curating collective, MAWA, Winnipeg.

Invited by Winnipeg-based curator Sigrid Dahle to form a collective with her and artist Joanne Bristol for MAWA's curatorial mentorship program, I co-organized several minor research projects and two public presentations considering curating as medium and feminist art practice.

 Photo: Joanne Bristol

Photo: Joanne Bristol

take me to your leader >><< lead me to your taker (2011)

Galérie Saw Gallery (Prairie Scene, National Arts Centre), Ottawa

Exhibition, vinyl text, Winnipeg and Ottawa reading groups.

Artists: Kendra Ballingall, Joanne Bristol, Sigrid Dahle, Ming Hon, Divya Mehra, Hope Peterson, Jeanne Randolph

From the brochure:

"The political uncanny: wherein seven artists feel impelled to (invite you to) investigate the subject of aesthetics, understood to mean not merely the theories of beauty or the qualities of feelings but also of politics

Amidst a Hinterland Who's Who, an apartment dweller locks her door and listens, enclaves of luxury tempt petty thieves, and the subject of consumption bites back, all in the glow of a post-porn speech act. The works presented invite us to consider how our responses to art comply with or disrupt aesthetic arrangements and other powerful regimes. take me to your leader >><< lead me to your taker is, in at least one instance, a counterscenic encounter between the bureaucratic imagination and biopolitical [feminist] agency."


The Artist Is (detail) (2010)

Design: Galen Johnson

The Artist Is (2010)

Poster project, Winnipeg

Artists: Leah Decter, FASTWÜRMS, Amy Fung, Sally McKay, Allyson Mitchell, Liz Park, Hope Peterson, Nicole Shimonek, Meera Margaret Singh, Leslie Supnet.

In solidarity with the FemRev collective.