We Would Prefer Not To (2010)

Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Art, Winnipeg

Installation, performance.

An evening event of video, poetry, performance, text, and textile works. Artists with relations to the place called Vancouver were invited to consider aesthetics and practices of refusal in the context of the 2010 Olympics.

We Were Made For This

Screening of videos emphasizing the value of failure, weakness, non-biopolitical life, and the less-than-spectacular. Works from the archives of Video Pool Media Arts Centre with permissions of the artists.

Artists: Tom Andriuk, Bartleby, Sigrid Dahle, Leah Decter, clint enns, heartthrob, David Hoffos, Steve Loft, Divya Mehra, Darryl Nepinak, Przemek Pyszczek & Travis Lycar, Al Rushton, Nicole Shimonek, Colin Smith, Ho Tam.

In solidarity with VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver.

With thanks to: Buck Doyle, Hope Peterson.