wpg free museum (2009-2010)

A conceptual platform, museum by artists, local area network, and impossible art project; Prairie-situated collective and solo projects at varying scales of publicity and degrees of (im)permanence.

This project was a way to imagine contexts and structures beyond conventional frames, emphasizing intermedia works such as performance, text, and video. Architecture was not presumed to be the structural basis of institutional critique but rather a way to consider counter-discourses to prevailing Museum aesthetics and politics and the more subtle or everyday (non-)institutional relations that constitute, challenge, dereify, and/or abolish. Distinct from contemporaneous artist-run centres and Vancouver-centric discourses, incongruous with the idea of a Canadian human rights museum, and accountable to certain inner-city realities in the present tense, the project proposed a lower-case, vernacular form specific to my region and communities in the tradition of (impossible, unbuilt, imaginary, or oneiric) museums by artists. If the wfm itself existed as institution or critique, I believe it was provisional and temporary: a fold in the field of the contemporary.