Jackie Wang: Carceral Capitalism (2018)

C Magazine, Issue 140, “Institutions,” Toronto.

Book review.

Divya Mehra: Abolish, she said (2017)

Commissioned exhibition text for Divya Mehra, solo exhibition at Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto.

Andrea Roberts: The Stridents (2017)

C Magazine, Issue 135, "Voice," Toronto

Review of exhibition at TRUCK Gallery, Calgary.

Artist Talk: Surface Listening (2017)

Open Studios, Est-Nord-Est residences d'artistes, St Jean Port Joli, QC.

Jaime Black: Conversations with the Land (2016)

C Magazine, Issue 132, "Force," Toronto

Review of Jaime Black's performance and post-photography work (Actual Gallery, Winnipeg) published in special issue on intersectional and Indigenous feminisms guest edited by taisha paggett and Erin Silver.

Dissociation and Other Ways to Live with Architecture (2015)

Differential Sovereignties Symposium

Department of Anthropology, Columbia University and Department of Anthropology, New York University, New York City

Artist talk based on ongoing research discussing the St Boniface Cathedral as an uncommon historical and architectural ruin and site with which to dissociate from the dissociation that is Canadian Sovereignty.

Still, Even, Maybe (2014)

Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, Winnipeg

Parallel text (oneiro-criticism, or dream work considering surrealist liberation in the field of aesthetics) commissioned for Candid, with Karen Asher, Maya de Forest, Laura Letinsky, and Elaine Stocki. Curated by Derek Dunlop in the context of MAWA's 30th anniversary multi-exhibition celebration of women artists from Manitoba.

Forms & Attitudes (2013)

Artspeak, Vancouver & Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, Winnipeg

Essay commissioned for Divya Mehra's book work Quit, India. discussing the artist's first two solo exhibitions, Turf War and The Party is Over, with regard to the historical exhibition When Attitudes Become Form, the materialities of conceptual art, and Mehra's intertextual references.

She Would Prefer Not To, or, General Monstrosity (2012)

University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery, Winnipeg

Parallel text commissioned for Ming Hon's The Exhibitionist: eleven 85-word paragraphs + endnotes.

Dance Always Returns (2010)

aceartinc, Winnipeg

Essay responding to Sarah Anne Johnson's Dancing with the Doctor discussing aesthetics of dance in relation to trauma, biopolitical oppression, and rights violations with reference to Johnson's practice and other dance-centric work in the contemporary art field.

Freya Olafson's Avatar (2009)

MAWA, Winnipeg

Response commissioned by MAWA discussing Freya Olafson's intermedia performance Avatar and its theme of the internet's effect on the fluidity or reification of identity.

The Distribution of Nonsense (2009)

Theorizing Justice Conference

Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Talk discussing the limits and possibilities of Jacques Rancière's aesthetic philosophy with reference to my personal experience of Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds' public art billboard project Remembering in America (2006), which was commissioned by Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art and installed in downtown Winnipeg.

We Have Never Been Right: Art at the Threshold of the Nation-State (2008)

International Symposium: Symptoms and Critiques of Nationalism in Contemporary Art

Public Preparation, Pärnu, Estonia

Talk proposing art practices as critical-regional methods for imagining the limits of and challenge to political and aesthetic Canadian Sovereignty claims potentially reified through the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Architecture Inside-Out, Feminist Spatiality (2004)

Space and Spatiality Symposium

University of Victoria, Department of Fine Arts, Victoria

Undergraduate Honours thesis diagnosing the historiographical domestication of women in "Eurowestern" architectural history and considering contemporary art and design practices to propose methodologies for materialist feminist spatial histories.